Interview with Yu Suzuki (MAGIC Monaco 2019)

Yu Suzuki Interview - 'No Regrets' - by Shenmue 500K & Shenmue Forever

As fans count down the months, days, hours and minutes till the release of Shenmue 3, Yu Suzuki is normally found in his Tokyo development studio at Ys Net, where his “impossible sequel” is being polished and prepped for launch on August 27th.

But earlier this month he was almost a world away, surrounded by sports cars and casinos on the French Riviera. While the sun beat down on the winding, sloping streets of Monaco however, Suzuki would be on stage in a conference hall, discussing the game before rows of nostalgic fans, and revealing a new trailer so reassuring that it drew tears in the tiers.

In between these keynote appearances, Suzuki’s schedule at MAGIC 2019 would be packed with two hour-long autograph sessions and a number of behind-closed-doors previews with members of the press. Squeezing in a bunch of interviews with the online fan community would have to wait for the next event on the marketing calendar.

If this were any star guest but Yu Suzuki.

Instead, our representatives were invited to his hotel the previous day, and the legendary game designer gave up his afternoon to talk shop, through an interpreter, with people who’d grown up playing Out Run, Space Harrier, Virtua Fighter, and the series that brought them all together.

Firat of Shenmue 500K and Cosman of Shenmue Forever chatted with Yu-san about a range of topics, and as always when 500K’s involved, some of these came from members of Facebook’s largest Shenmue group.

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Interview with Yu Suzuki (MAGIC Monaco 2018)

Shenmue 500K Interview with Yu Suzuki

At MAGIC Monaco 2018, Yu Suzuki granted the Shenmue 500K community its second interview to discuss the upcoming Shenmue 3. The legendary video game designer’s direct responses, kindly recorded by and translated from Japanese by Switch of, are transcribed below.
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Interview with Yu Suzuki (Gamescom 2017)

Shenmue 500K Interview with Yu Suzuki

Right after the release of an in-development teaser video for Shenmue III, Gamescom 2017 in Cologne brought developer Ys Net into the center of a media feeding frenzy, with director Yu Suzuki’s schedule fully booked with interviews that continue to surface on websites of varying languages.

Nonetheless, the legendary creator behind some of Sega’s best loved games (including Virtua Fighter, Out Run, Space Harrier, Daytona USA, and more) still managed to squeeze in two busy Meet & Greet sessions with fans and some exclusive interviews with the Shenmue fan community.

You can already read Shenmue Dojo’s interview on their forum, and another from French site Shenmue Master is on its way. But what follows is the first interview conducted by Shenmue 500K, the series’ largest dedicated Facebook group whose burning questions were crowdsourced from members across the globe.

Relaying these questions on the group’s behalf were Sílvia Vila Tarrés from Barcelona and James Hamill from the UK.

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