All Aboard: Pieces of Silver

Last summer, Yu Suzuki announced the extension of Shenmue 3’s development amidst a new global publishing deal with Deep Silver, allowing his Ys Net studio to fulfil its greater ambitions for the crowdfunded game.

In response, members of the Shenmue 500K group on Facebook have teamed up for the latest in a tradition of community collages, welcoming Deep Silver into the fold as an integral part of the sequel we’ve all been looking forward to:

New collage by members of Shenmue 500K

Thirty-five fans from fifteen countries make up this collage, each holding a letter they’ve made to spell out their message. The same spirit of international collaboration that helped revive the Shenmue franchise continues to support those actively working to secure its future with the best possible Shenmue 3.

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Community Collages: Keeping Friends Close

Shenmue 500K members speaking with one voice

Though spread across the globe, members of the Shenmue 500K community have several times come together in visual form by way of a photo collage, spelling out their sentiments to all involved in securing Shenmue’s future. These collaborations to demonstrate the united will of the fan base have not gone unnoticed by the industry or the press, and now form an important part of the group’s history and identity.

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